Saturday, May 29, 2010

Blackberry Tiramisu/Parfait

I should say that this isn't really a tiramisu, more like a parfait-like dessert. My colleague SY shared this recipe with me a long while back. I was waiting for the berries to start their season so finally when they did, I got so excited to make this one. I already had a huge box of blackberries so I got a little creative and replaced the blueberries in the original recipe with blackberries. I halved the amounts of all the ingredients when I made it. And I got to admit, after 8 hours, it turned out to be the most delicious dessert... completely droolworthy.

Best to start making it around noon if you want to eat it after dinner.

1 box nilla wafers
1 pint heavy whipping cream
1 pint ricotta cheese
¼ cup powdered sugar
1 jar blackberry preserves (original recipe had blueberry preserves)
1 bag fresh blackberries (original recipe had frozen wild blueberries or fresh blueberries)
1 frozen limeade concentrate (thawed)
1 square baking pan (I used a square corningware pot)

Whip the cream in a bowl using an electric mixer until slightly thick. Add in sugar and ricotta cheese and mix gently until smooth.

In separate bowl combine preserves with fresh blackberries.

Layer baking pan with nilla wafers and brush with limeade concentrate.

Nilla wafers on cream and blackberries

Spread 1/2 of cream and ricotta mixture over nilla wafers. Spread berry mixture on top of cream and ricotta. Repeat layering one more time.

Blackberry tiramisu with nilla wafers sprinkles

Top with crumbled nilla wafers, cover and refrigerate for 8 hrs.

Blackberry tiramisu ready to eat after 8 hours of refrigeration