Saturday, June 16, 2012

Bread dipping sauce with sun-dried tomatoes

Ever since the first time Meera tried this bread dripping sauce at Pasta Primavera she has been crazy about it. In the past I experimented once to try to make something similar and gave up as I couldn't find anything that had similar ingredients that I thought the sauce had. So today when she said we'll stop by to the cafe to pick up a tub of sauce, I told her I'll try to make it at home for her and if she doesn't like it, then we can go pick it up at the restaurant. I googled some recipes and was disappointed to find more than 90% of the recipes with cream cheese or something similar. I almost gave up and decided to look once more and voila! I found it!! I just made two batches of it as I had to decide how much salt to add. Eventually ended up mixing the two batches because first one had a little bit of more salt in it. Adding the two made it so much better and in less than 10 mins, half of the bowl is already empty. ;)

Here's what I used:


2-3 tbsp julienne sun-dried tomatoes (you can get the whole or paste also)

½ cup of olive oil
¼ tsp dried rosemary leaves
¼ tsp dried basil leaves
¼ tsp dried thyme (I didn't have this so skipped it)
salt to taste
¼ tsp black pepper


Added sun-dried tomatoes to olive oil. Mix the dry spices and add them to the olive oil mix. Run it through blender to mix it. Serve right away or after 4-5 hours. I added little extra olive oil so that it can be stored for a day or so, until it's all gone! ;)

Original recipe:

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