Thursday, November 29, 2012

Cool Kitchen Tips

Often times in kitchen and quite absentmindedly at that, I use some of the tips by mom and other cooking-loving-cool-women I know. Talking to Heena and Urmi recently at two different times, I realized that not everyone knows of those so I thought I'd start sharing them and in turn collecting them on here.

  1. This one I just used right now, and it reminded me to create this post. So you know how after you cut a pineapple your hands are left with this invisible sticky stuff that just won't wash away despite of using soap and scrubber and hot water? Well, the answer is here. Take a spoonful (choose tea/table according to how large your hands are) of salt and rub-rub-rub your hands just with salt for several seconds, then wash away with regular tap water to wave good-bye to the sticky hands!!
  2. Another fun tip is about keeping your guacamole or mashed avocado green. I've seen that most people tend to add lemon/lime juice to keep it green but that's not the only thing you can do. After you peel and mash the avocado, don't throw away the seeds. Leaving those large round seeds of avocado immersed in the guacamole will keep it green for longer than usual. Be sure to not eat the seed by mistake. Don't even bother to lick it. It is extremely dangerous. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!! I say this because I tried licking it and almost swallowed it and it scared the living daylights out of everyone around, including myself.
  3. Ultra thin peels of garlic are annoying to peel when you have to peel the garlic quickly at last minute or even a large quantity. Putting the entire blub of garlic in microwave for 5-7 seconds and then peeling it will be like magic! Give it a try yourself. 
  4. While cutting onion, to avoid teary, burning eyes, keep a piece of bread in your mouth. The day I tried this, I was amazed to see that I couldn't feel any irritation in the eyes because of the onions being cut. Works like a charm!

I guess I will come back and update the list later when I am reminded of another cool tip from the kitchen.

Happy cooking!